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That Age-Old Question: Which Tool? | Olly Gotel

That Age-Old Question: Which Tool?

At RE 2009, Patrick Mäder and I gave a mini-tutorial called: ‘How to Select a Requirements Management Tool: Initial Steps’. The gist of this tutorial is described as a chapter in the recent book on ‘Software and Systems Traceability’. We were invited to re-run this tutorial at the upcoming RE 2012.

From the book’s glossary:

Requirements management – The activity concerned with the effective control of information related to stakeholder, system and software requirements and, in particular, the preservation of the integrity of that information for the life of the system and with respect to changes in the system and its environment. Requirements management depends upon requirements traceability as its enabling mechanism.

Requirements management tools – Tools that support requirements management.

At RE 2012, we will highlight the process guide, and then profile one company’s particular experience of evaluating requirements management tools in more detail. Joy Beatty’s team at Seilevel is in the process of undertaking a 3-phase approach to tool evaluation. Remo Ferrari, lead tool researcher for the completed phases 1 and 2 of this study, will join us to share details of Seilevel’s selection criteria and evaluation process. Remo will then discuss 17 popular tools on the market, as assessed according to these criteria. Advice on how to use the guide to build your own criteria and inform your own requirements management tool evaluation process will be provided.

You’ll have to wait until a future RE conference for Joy and the results of phase 3  …

Link to Seilevel’s resources on evaluating requirements management tools.

Download slides from the mini-tutorial.