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Presenting at RE 2012 in Chicago | Olly Gotel

Presenting at RE 2012 in Chicago

RE 2012
Don’t miss RE’12 in Chicago, 24th–28th September 2012! The IEEE International Requirements Engineering Conference series is the premier international forum for researchers, educators, practitioners and students to present and discuss the latest innovations, trends, experiences and concerns in the field of Requirements Engineering.
I will be presenting a vision paper on day 1 of the main conference: The Quest for Ubiquity: A Roadmap for Software and Systems Traceability Research, by Orlena Gotel, Jane Cleland-Huang, Jane Huffman Hayes, Andrea Zisman, Alexander Egyed, Paul Grünbacher and Giuliano Antoniol. This is the result of an on-going collaboration among members of the Center of Excellence for Software Traceability (CoEST). Here is the abstract of our paper and a preview of the roadmap (I thank my kayaking buddy Mike (Logo) Samuel for drawing me an actual road to use!)

Abstract. Traceability underlies many important software and systems engineering activities, such as change impact analysis and regression testing. Despite important research advances, as in the automated creation and maintenance of trace links, traceability implementation and use is still not pervasive in industry. A community of traceability researchers and practitioners has been collaborating to understand the hurdles to making traceability ubiquitous. Over a series of years, workshops have been held to elicit and enhance research challenges and related tasks to address these shortcomings. A continuing discussion of the community has resulted in the research roadmap of this paper. We present a brief view of the state of the art in traceability, the grand challenge for traceability and future directions for the field.